Generation Y Workforce

Monday, April 16, 2012 - in Human Resources - Blog
It’s a shame that the Generation Y workforce expects such high wages right out of college when the rest of the workforce pays their dues to achieve a certain salary level.  As long as the company is competitive with the current wage levels, it’s a shame that an employee would become so fixated on money and forget all the other benefits that are offered.  Some companies go out of their way to lead the market by paying a significant amount of the benefit premium, offering telecommuting and a match on their 401k when many companies today are struggling enough to discontinue these types of benefits.  Prove your worth first, then you reap the rewards of a rich salary, not the other way around!  One things for sure; it will never be enough money if that’s the employee’s primary goal. 
Justine Lohelein, MBA, SPHR 4/16/2012

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